Paradigm Consultancy helps a company decide how to best engage existing clients. Additionally, we will help to determine who else might be enticed to try the product or service and how to expand the client base. Paradigm Consultancy looks at the existing business model and then, using analytical tools, considers the market potential and develops a strategy to achieve larger goals. Throughout the process we ensure adherence to the company’s mission and measure success, testing response and tracking results while implementing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.

You need a marketing consultant if you:

  • Want to build your business
  • Require a solid strategic marketing plan with both short- and long-term goals
  • Want to improve relations and loyalty with existing clients
  • Desire to expand into new markets and attract new customers

We help you grow your business:

  • Identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new clients
  • Evaluate existing marketing materials, social media and advertising, determining how successfully these target customers and generate sales
  • Shape company branding, the identity of a company and how well it resonates with the desired demographic (is it professional? unique? recognizable?)
  • Manage the brand if something happens to damage a company’s reputation – damage control so to speak
  • Maximize lifetime customer value by getting former customers to return more often, perhaps with new product or service opportunities
  • Improve client engagement through social media, creating innovative campaigns on various media that are integrated for optimal success and managing interactions with customers
  • Manage email and social media marketing campaigns, online advertising, mobile and local marketing

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